Home design is more than choosing a color scheme and style for your home; it’s a deeper analysis of the space. The goal of home design is to create an attractive, functional environment for you and your family. It can involve anything from rearranging furniture to changing the layout. A beautiful home will inspire others and lift your social image.

If you’re an iPhone user, you can create 3D models of homes with the free app, Planner 5D. It’s like a free version of Sketch Up, but it allows you to explore the design from the ground up, and you can use a template or start from scratch. It’s a great tool for creating quick floor plans, and it’s even mobile-friendly so you can create plans on the go.

Home design television shows have become increasingly popular, with fictional designers popping up all over the place. Designing Women and Will & Grace featured fictitious interior decorators. In addition to this popular show, Home MADE features two teams and two houses that are transformed into spectacular shows. Another show centered on home design is Clean House, which stars Niecy Nash. Both shows are aimed at transforming homes from a messy state into themed rooms.