Traveling frugally might sound like mere lip service or boasting, how is it possible that traveling can be frugal? Traveling is definitely a waste of money. Wait, it’s possible to save money on traveling, it really CAN! But wait, the meaning of saving here doesn’t mean you don’t spend money at all, OK?Everyone’s level of economic traveling may be different, because of the economic level and so on, but the point of being frugal here is to reduce/reduce the budget you spend while traveling. It’s not funny when you come home from traveling, you are dizzy with mountain credit card bills or your savings whose balance makes you wince. So here are 5 frugal traveling tips in the style of a traveling addict:

1. Buy tickets in advanceYes, buy tickets in advance at if possible 6 months or a year before your departure. Why? because at that time there were still a lot of economy class tickets left, so it is likely that you will get the cheapest price, which is still very possible compared to buying 1 month or 1 week before departure. And usually also when low-fare airlines hand out promo tickets for departures 6 months to a year in the future2. Do not travel during the holiday mating seasonYou must already know, apart from the holiday season when holidays are approaching, such as Libran or Christmas, the prices of basic foodstuffs go up. Why? because demand increases while availability is limited so prices go up and so do ticket prices. During the holiday season, ticket prices, lodging, car rentals, and PS rentals are sure to go up. It’s best to avoid this and go on weekdays or low season. Usually, usually, yes! Tuesday or Wednesday ticket prices are cheaper than on other days.

3. Looking for cheap accommodationCheap here doesn’t mean cheap, right! Play online slots even though inns are generally only used for sleeping, bathing, and pooping because surely most of your time will be spent walking around outside. But these five factors, such as clean rooms, comfortable beds, private bathrooms, air conditioning, and finally fast Wi-Fi, don’t ignore them. Now, from these five factors, you can easily get it at ZEN Rooms, quality budget hotel rooms, economical & honest prices, and also an easy booking process. For those who don’t know what ZEN Rooms is. ZEN Rooms is a quality hotel chain that partners with the best budget hotels throughout Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, to Brazil. Supported by the best team and the latest technology, ZEN Rooms offers a more efficient and enjoyable traveling experience. Interesting right?4. Eat at stalls/street vendorsCulinary tourism when traveling is something that you must do when traveling. Looking for cheap food with a variety of flavors, you can get it at stalls/street vendors. Apart from that, the price of food at stalls/street vendors is of course much cheaper than eating at cafes, restaurants, or beach clubs. In our country, especially finding stalls/street vendors selling local specialties is not as difficult as finding a soul mate.5. Don’t want to be entrusted with souvenirsFor most Indonesians, souvenirs are like an obligation if we are traveling, even though this is very troublesome. Even people who entrust souvenirs promise to replace them but it’s best avoided. Why? because looking for these goods/foods sometimes takes up our time when traveling, where it is not uncommon for us to have to go around the mall to the mall or market to market just to look for these goods/foods not to mention we have to pay extra for eating and drinking, really not hungry and thirsty to go around mall to mall or market to market.