What is Aerialink wireless

Text Aerialnk Smscoxvice/Aerialink provides a range of wireless communication services that establishes a mobile connection and collaboration for application service providers, content providers, and for businesses.

It is nothing but an API (application programming interface) for connecting devices, systems, and external applications and Aerialink Service Gateway for sending or receiving text messages, binary content, or multimedia messages between a mobile handset or device working on any selected wireless carrier and application service. Only SMS and messages are covered by this particular API.

A little about short messaging service

Commonly called “text messaging” or SMS (short message service) uses standard communication protocols to allow mobile devices, text-enabled landlines, and web applications to receive and send messages that are typed. The messaging services are intended to fill in a gap between the communications of enterprise-class. The messaging gateway platform of companies is a source of SMS, MMS and location services through cloud APIs and also the applications that manage text communication centrally between customers and businesses. This enables businesses to use existing business or toll-free number to send live texts to their customers.

A2P or P2P routes are used to deliver all messages with a registered mobile number or code for tracking and routing purposes. The supported type of sender code or mobile number will differ depending on the country and route.

Quick facts

Length of a message: Plain, standard text SMS in the United States has a maximum limit of one hundred and sixty characters for every message. This limit changes depending on the type of handset, the content of the message, and the country.

Message content: Message characters can be numbers, letters, or an alphanumeric combination. Some binary (non-text-based messages) are also supported.

Concatenation: Some carriers support concatenation, which shortens the length of a particular message and divides it into different segments, but joins the content back into a single message for easy reading by the end user.

Status of delivery: Because of its store and forward technology, one can receive the message arrival notification at different stages in the process of delivery.

All users who have a mobile device with an SMS feature can make use of SMS messaging.

Aerial communications email to text

A user can communicate from their email client to a cell phone user over SMS with the help of Aerialink’s email-to-SMS or text service. This service becomes helpful in implementing the Aerilink API or other products of Aerialink. This service is designed with a registered SMS number/code along with their linked email address.

Best text alert system

The message delivery system goes through several stages, but the Aerialink service is super fast. It is almost close to real-time delivery. Aerialink and SCSI took a very short time to come up with a solution when it came to speed of delivery and they had their plan running up in no time with a good response from the users.

Best text service for small business

Aerialink is the best and ideal service for text messaging especially for small businesses. But it supports the business of all sizes from small to large establishments.

Can text messages send viruses

The spam messages that we see in our emails and our phones always come with links to dangerous viruses such as malware or malicious software. There is a good chance that you may have installed malware at some point on your phone or computer and continued with your work without realizing it is there in the background. We need to be careful before we click on any of such links.

Does text messaging work over wifi

If you have a smartphone with an in-built messaging app, then there is a chance that sending SMS and MMS texts through WiFi may not be possible. You need something to bridge that gap between WiFi and your mobile carrier, a third-party app can help in this matter. A reliable messenger app can efficiently send and receive messages over WiFi.

With a majority of people taking advantage of texting services for business purposes, it has become an important tool for being in touch with their prospects and customers. But just because SMS is quick and easy for consumers, that does not mean that the same rules can be applied to businesses.

The fact is, business messaging is not just about hitting the “send” button. Every message passes through a complicated web of providers and applications before it reaches the recipients. You would need a reliable partner that can make sure your messages navigate the complex ecosystem successfully if you want to build brand equity through text messaging. Aerialink can certainly do that job for you.

Aerialinik is a cloud-based Saas (Software as a solution) created to help you reach your ultimate goal of reaching your customers through text messaging. All these messages take so many different forms, they are not the same, Each one of them requires a unique messaging channel to be delivered successfully. Aerialink has the industry’s best support team and is completely focused on making sure that your messages are successfully delivered to the recipient without getting blocked in the middle. Messages that are supported by Aerialink reach the recipients successfully avoiding the pitfalls and costs associated with messages that are not delivered. Additionally, Aerialink also offers advice on how to stick with intricate regulations of the industry. This expert advice can help you in avoiding paying heavy penalties and fines that could affect you badly. Billions of text messages are sent from every corner of the work daily and every single consumer is impressed by its convenience and speed. Aerialink supports all types of numbers including standard numbers, shortcodes, and toll-free numbers. It provides a great deal of flexibility, with different types of touting options to support more than one requirements. You can easily integrate messaging into your workflows and applications, with convenient APIs and other solutions to help you with the successful delivery of your messages to your customers.