This post is going to be all about [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2] error code that appears in your Outlook Mail. If you see this error code on your outlook dashboard, then something is not right probably. Let us see different solutions to fix this outlook mail error on your device successfully.

Microsoft Outlook error code [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2]

We, often this error code on our screen when there is something wrong with our Microsoft Outlook. There are several reasons why you may have seen this error.

The most basic and common reason for this problem is that you may have installed the software wrongly on your device. You must follow all the commands properly while installing the software to make this software work. Some people use Outlook without cleaning the cache and that is another reason for this error code to appear. Microsoft Outlook application will not work the way it should when this happens.

Some people do not install Microsoft Outlook software properly, and they tend to miss some files. This is another reason to see this error code. You must install all the files properly. There are always compatibility issues among the software, some software does not work with each other. For instance, Microsoft Outlook does not work well with some antivirus programs. So, it is important to make sure of compatibility among them while installing the software.

Simple ways to fix pii email error code

There are different ways and methods to fix the [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2] email error doe on your outlook email and some of them are:

1. Cleaning Cache and Cookies on your computer or device.

2. Microsoft Outlook has in-built Windows Trouble Shooting Center, you can take advantage of that.

3. Clearing the cache and cookies from your device is the most simple and basic solution to fix this error code.

4. In case the Microsoft Outlook software was not installed properly, there is a chance that you may see that error code. You may have to fix that software first.

5. Erasing the Microsoft Outlook Software from your computer.

6. First complete erase the software and uninstall the software from your device. This is the best solution that works most of the time.

7. Contact the support team of Microsoft Outlook if none of the above methods are not working to fix the error code.

Few Steps to follow to fix [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2] error code.

There are many reasons why you may see that email error code on your computer. It is important to understand the reason first and then follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Using more than one account in a single browser is one of the important reasons to see that error code. Try to log out from all the accounts first, then clear the cache and cookies from the browser. Then log in again with one account, this should resolve the problem.

2. If you still see the [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2] error code, uninstall the outlook software and try to reinstall. If your outlook was not properly installed, then there will be a broken installation on your computer which will show this error code when you try to log in.

3. Using a web-based version of Microsoft Outlook software for PC is another method of fixing the error.

4. There is always a chance of piracy in this new era of free software and the internet, there is a chance that you may have installed a pirated copy of the software. Upgrading the software can help you to fix the issue sometimes.

5. Using a Windows troubleshooting center is another way to fix this problem.

6. If nothing works, then try to contact the support team at Microsoft for further help.

Why Does the error code [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2] happen

In the majority of the scenarios, the [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2] error appears because of the way you installed the software, if there was any error in the installation process, Outlook interferes with other software on your computer. In some situations, there may be chances that more than one account is being used on a single device and that might be the reason for the error code.

Cache and Cookies can be cleaned

Many times, you will see this error code because of all the cache and cookies from your browser. These can be cleaned by opening the settings tab first, then the privacy, search, and services option. You will see clear all browsing data from your browser. Once you clean these, try to log in to your account.

Few more ways of understanding how to resolve the error code.

Install the most recent version

  • First of all, check and see if your computer or device is compatible with the latest version of Outlook. If yes, then update the software and erase the older version.
  • Your files will be retrieved in the latest version once you update the software.
  • Make sure to have a backup for your important files in case you are installing the latest version of the software.

Cookies and Cache

  • Clean cache and cookies from your Outlook by clicking the file and options menu.
  • Log out of your account. if you have multiple accounts, make sure to log out of all of them.
  • Shut down and restart your device, try to log in to your Microsoft account and see if the error is fixed.

Use auto repair tool: If nothing is working, you can use Microsoft’s auto repair tool for automatic repair and correction.

  • Search for the control panel and look for the function setup tool. You may know more about the software there.
  • Click on Office 365 application. Choose a Microsoft application for repair.
  • Choose the right type of fix for your needs.
  • Follow the commands shown on your screen.

By following all of the above steps, you must have resolved your issues by now, if not then there are a couple of more ways to help you.

Make sure there is no third-party email application on your device. Having more than one email application installed on your device is sometimes the reason for such error codes.  The conflict between multiple email applications can cause this problem. Make sure you delete all third-party applications or applications from unreliable sources to have a smooth Outlook function. Once you deleted all those, try to reopen Microsoft Outlook to see if the issue has been fixed or not.

Use the Trouble Shooting Centre

Even after trying all the tips, recommendations, and steps mentioned above if you are still seeing the [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2] email error code, there is only one way to solve it then and that is using Microsoft’s Trouble Shooting Centre. This can help to fix the issue many times. If you still have the error after all this, it is highly recommended that you contact the support team of Microsoft directly for their assistance.