Explore the Pyramids of Egypt

Many first time visitors to Egypt will be astounded by the pyramids of Giza. The most famous pyramid is the Great Pyramids of Giza. They are the tallest building in all of Egypt. This tour takes visitors around the outside of the Pyramids to their indoor monuments.

How to Access The Great Pyramids of GizaThe best way to get to the pyramids is on a hot summer day. You can hike up to the edge of the parking area and walk through the tunnel. From there you can go inside and see the great pyramid complex through the glass room. When inside the pyramid itself it’s important to know what time the sun comes up over the wall so you can set your alarm. Otherwise you’ll be standing at the right time and miss the sunrise completely.

The Great Pyramids of Giza Egyptian tourism company, Kingstone International offers a guided tour of the pyramids. It starts at the eastern side of the Grand Harbour with a visit to the burial place of Tutankhamen. Kingstone also tours the western side and has a great Unesco World Heritage Site where the Egyptian Pyramids are situated. To access the north side of the pyramids it’s best done with the help of a hired guide as they can give you information about the various ways you can enter the city from the north. It also allows you to drive directly onto the eastern side of the pyramids if you don’t want to hike the trail.

If you prefer an unsplash experience it’s best to take the guided tour, but don’t forget to pack light. Because the pyramids are huge and walk-ways are narrow leading down to them can be a messy and lengthy job. If you’re really brave though, consider climbing the adjacent slope to reach the heart of the pyramids. Once there the sun will be shining and the sandy path is easy to walk on, so it makes an ideal opportunity to indulge in some sandboarding in the waters surrounding the complex.

The main attractions of Giza are the Great Pyramids, especially the Western pyramids which were built by Cleopatra in her bid to become Queen of Egypt. You can’t visit the Pyramids if you don’t go on a guided tour, but many visitors prefer the various smaller tombs of the Great Pyramids. The Western pyramids are the biggest and most intimidating of all the pyramids. The smallest ones are even easier to approach and even carry yourself around in. The Western side of the pyramids are built from granite blocks and are made in a circular shape with many chambers carved into them. They were built to support the massive sky scrapers that guarded the inner walls of the ancient capital of Giza, the city of King Psamephor.

At a glance the smaller White limestone pyramids are easy to spot, with their large casing shaped entrance, but they have been built to make great monuments and they do that wonderfully. It takes a while to get used to standing at such a great height, with only three stories allowed for each pyramid. After reaching the top you have to walk along a long hallway before you come to a large landing and slide down inside. On the way down the pyramid you pass through a chamber where you are expected to kneel before facing the sky. The view is magnificent as far as the eye can see. After reaching the bottom you again have to walk along a long hallway before reaching what seems like a large slab of solid white limestone, and here you will find the grandiose crowning point of the Great Pyramid.

At this point you are well outside the circle of stones that make up the pyramids and you can appreciate the full effect of looking up so high. The great white pyramid of Giza still stands tall and beautiful in all of its glory, covered with a thick layer of soil to protect it from the elements. There are many different things you can do at the pyramids guest house including climbing up and down the ladders that are still there, taking in the breathtaking views from every angle and enjoying the gardens, pools and other amenities that are still there. You can even take a trek up the side of the mountain where the original buried royal tombs are resting.

The Pyramids of Egypt are a sight to behold, something that you are sure to never forget once you have taken the time to explore them. The ancient Egyptians would spend years designing a civilization that still exists today, something that they may still be trying to build for another thousand years. They left behind clues of their culture, a written language and an impressive architectural heritage. Explore the pyramids of Egypt and see what is being done today by architects and others to preserve this great legacy.