What Are the Biggest and Boldest Kitchen Trends?

The biggest and boldest kitchen trends that you’ll see in the coming year are: new appliances, including a variety of big-name manufacturers; more mobile kitchen design options; and a focus on kitchen storage. According to culinary experts interviewed byscape, “In 2011 there will be more food preparation done outside the home because of rising energy and fuel costs. Rising energy costs have caused kitchen utility bills to rise steadily over the past seven years. The result is families are spending more money for energy efficiency in their own homes and are becoming much more aware of their environmental impact through the purchase of energy-efficient appliances, equipment, and other building materials.” This trend toward energy efficiency will no doubt continue throughout the nation, but it’s a clear sign of the times that we’re experiencing.

According to twelve kitchen trends experts interviewed byscape, the next decade will see a more varied approach to color choices. “The current trend of bright and bold colors continues, with a more balanced use of whites, neutrals, and grays. However, we are also seeing an increase in color usage that is much more muted and elegant, especially in the master bath area.” This trend toward muted colors, coupled with the ongoing trend toward lighter furniture and countertops will likely continue into the future, but it’s not likely to slow down completely. According to the same survey, the bright/bold color trend will most likely grow more pronounced in the coming decade, with very few room designs achieving the ultimate in contrast.

As mentioned above, there are many different types of kitchen design trends that you can expect to see over the next few years, and each one will have its own particular appeal. For example, contemporary style trends will include sleek and durable metals, sleek and durable woods, and a renewed sense of playfulness and energy. Asian-inspired themes will emphasize traditional Asian materials like bamboo, rattan, and wicker. Colorful tile designs are also popular, as they tend to evoke other design elements like the bright colors of the tile and wood, but they’re usually paired with earth tones. Trendy kitchen remodels will use bright and bold finishes, which combine functionality with visual appeal.

The fifth and final trend on our list is characterized by a focus on innovative and cutting-edge technology. One of the hottest topics in the last decade has been the development of kitchen appliances that perform better than ever before, and modern technology is simply not far behind. “This decade promises to be the most interesting in kitchen design trends,” says Bruce Hood, CEO of Hood Industrial Products. “With the invention of new technologies, appliances become faster, easier to clean, and more energy efficient.

Another one of the most exciting upcoming trends in kitchen design is an expansive palette of colors. While the primary focus of this decade will be on bold color choices, you can expect to see a range of vibrant colors that include earth tones, metallic hues, and even beiges (an antique finish). Another element of this decade’s trends will feature materials like stainless steel, granite, and glass that are rapidly gaining popularity for a wide range of applications. One new material that is expected to see a lot of attention is the trendy “artistic beige” aesthetic beige wallpaper backdrop.

As mentioned above, another upcoming trend will be an overhaul of kitchen countertops and appliances. Due to advances in manufacturing and material science, manufacturers have made significant advances in recent years, and now it is possible to get top-quality materials for less than half the price. In this situation, consumers have more options than ever when it comes to picking a countertop and appliance set at a budget-friendly price. Some examples of the hottest trends in kitchen remodeling will include creative installation methods (using mosaic tiles and unique glass patterns), inventive cabinet designs, and innovative cookware designs.

One other thing that you will certainly find on the docket this year are vertical design trends. Vertical design trends have been steadily increasing in popularity over the past decade or so. With increased efficiency and convenience provided by refrigerators with full drawers, vertical design themes are highly recommended in most homes. This means that the hottest trend right now would be to replace your current stovetop with a new, sleek, durable stovetop with a vertical design element. Other popular trends include creating custom kitchen cabinets, painting the walls in striking colors, and installing state-of-the-art lighting fixtures.

The most exciting aspect about all of these trends is that they will continue to take shape and develop into directions that will influence homeowners for decades to come. The question is just which trends will take off and achieve the strongest impact. If you are thinking about getting involved in remodeling your kitchen, consider investing in a guidebook that offers you some valuable tips and guidance on what types of design trends will hit.