Online shopping apps make it simple and affordable to locate, research and purchase anything imaginable – not only that but they can save money when buying items like food, clothing or household supplies.

Many retailers provide mobile apps that make navigating their websites and finding coupons easier, as well as ordering groceries to be picked up at local stores.

Touch of Modern

Touch of Modern is an online retailer offering members-only access to cutting edge products. Their offerings appeal to male millennial tastemakers and cannot be found easily in traditional retail outlets.

Site offers access to electronics, gadgets, fashion, and furniture at prices significantly below retail for those searching for objects with meaning. Established in 2012 and based out of San Francisco California.

Touch of Modern’s team used Sift Network Visualization to effectively detect fraud rings and save thousands in losses, quickly understanding all aspects of an individual’s history while keeping customers safe and satisfied.

Joining is free, though some items may have a limited return policy due to working with specialty vendors that cannot accept returns once shipped. Shipping times also depend on where each product originated from.


Flipp is an ideal shopping app for people who rely on weekly flyers and coupons as their basis of shopping decisions. This eliminates the need to search paper ads or pay for newspapers in search of sales on groceries, health and beauty products and everyday items.

Flipp is designed to curate sales circulars in your area as well as local coupons you can redeem in stores. By providing your postal code or permitting the app to use your location, this app will display them all for easy viewing and use.

As you browse flyers, Flipp allows you to “clip” any discounts, coupons or loyalty offers that you might use later. Plus, its shopping list feature lets you keep tabs on which items are on sale so it makes it easy to price match at Walmart and other stores that provide price matching! Furthermore, family members can collaborate by sharing lists.

Mystery Shopping Apps

There are various shopping apps that offer cash for mystery shopping, making these popular as they provide extra money on top of regular online purchases and also help find discounts you can stack with existing credit card rewards – these apps provide a great opportunity for saving money on everything from food to electronics purchases.

One of the top shopping apps available to shoppers today is Raise, an online marketplace where you can purchase discounted gift cards from almost every store imaginable. Nielsen IQ’s scanning app also allows users to make extra cash by recording household purchases.

Marketforce, available for Android and Apple devices, is another popular app among shoppers. This company boasts more than one million evaluators and provides market research services worldwide in multiple countries – offering store audits, customer experience analysis surveys, store visits and much more. Recently acquired by Trax as a major player in customer insights.